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Corporate Training

SAP projects demand trained personnel, with continuous need for on-the-project training. Tectist online corporate trainings are designed to cover all applications: functional and technical of different IT solutions.


Our IT training for corporate is based on open and flexible learning model. Each IT course is supported by the supporting software, databases, applications, operating systems and hardware platforms.


We uphold highest quality standards and deliver unparalleled levels of performance. Our IT industry programs are suitable for virtually any organization, local and global, and small to medium size businesses.


We deal with 3 levels of training when it comes to corporate.


  • Induction Training
  • On-the-job Training
  • Off-the-job Training


Our induction training in IT, focuses on the essential skills needed to perform the job. This type of training includes introduction to the job, expectations of the project and understanding team-dynamics. On the job training focuses on tasks to be accomplished as part of the project team, how to perform well, and what standards need to be adhered.


Tectist acts as the mentor for each IT learner to guide on effective performance. As part of the off the job training, we provide for expert guidance, podcasts, video-audio presentations of industry experts, with provision for live participation and response.


Tectist’s corporate training offer the following benefits


  • Affordable, robust and scalable IT courses
  • Keeps organizations to stay ahead of competition, with assured project quality and on-time delivery
  • Keeps employees motivated as new skills and knowledge can help in reducing boredom and enhances learning curiosity
  • Cost advantage of availing specialist / trainers support in training employees. It is also cheaper to train existing employees in new IT applications, than hiring new people and training them as per project expectations


Tectist understands the importance of IT training for corporate and the value it creates for project success, assured project results and bringing repeat and new clients for IT businesses.

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