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1Q. How many weeks is the training? What are the timings?

Answer: Generally, trainings are for 4 - 5 weeks. 5 days a week. However, pls ask recruiter about specific training timings as sometimes batches are run at different times because of demand from students: It is recommended that for the first class, you come 30-45 minutes early if you haven’t already signed the contract to finish the formalities.

2Q. If I miss a class, can you spend time with me?

Answer: If you are joining a batch late (say a few classes have happened and you are joining say in the 3rd or the 4th class), the instructor will make all the efforts to bring you up to speed by spending maybe 3-5 hours with you. But, if you just happen to miss a class in between, it is very difficult for instructor to bring you up to speed. However, usually, class mates are a good source of information and also the instructor mails out every day’s notes to the class. Instructor may spend 30-60 minutes to bring you up to speed but depends upon his day

3Q. Do you give placement assistance?

Answer: Absolutely. In fact, TECTIST is an IT Placement and Consulting Company first and a training institute second. That is, we give trainings only as a means to the end. The end goal that we have in mind for you is to hold a QA Engineer or a Business Analyst job or Informatica developer or Informatica Business Analyst job in any of our Fortune 500 clients companies

4Q. What is the next step if I want to take training?

Answer: If you are interest to go with our Online training plz send your interest module and with your complete details like Name: #### Email: ### phone: ### Module: ### Visa: ###

5Q. What happens after training?

Answer: After the training is complete, we prepare your genuine resume. We will never let you embellish your resume with experience that you don’t have. You take the lead in making your resume showing the true number of years of experience with a lot of support from TECTIST’s instructor in how to draft a resume. Also, we conduct many mock-interviews, both one-on-one as well as in a group setting so everyone can benefit from it. Then, TECTIST marketing staff start marketing you to our contacts in Fortune 500 clients.

6Q. What is the duration of project generally?

Answer: 3 months to 18 months. Usually projects get extended if you are performing satisfactorily. You are not going to be able to say No to a position based on the duration of the contract. Because in 99% of cases, contracts extend. And, in 1% cases where contracts don’t extend, we will have another project lined up for you right after you roll-out of your current project

7Q. Can I be placed on a project anywhere in USA?

Answer: Well it depends on what you want. If you want a project ASAP, you should be willing to go to a project anywhere in USA. If you do decide that you will relocate for a project, you will be given an air-ticket (for interview as well as the final move) and we will provide you with hotel accommodation for 2 days. It would be easy to rent an apartment in the city of the project the moment you clear an interview with a client. Hotel stay will not be given for more than 2 days.

8Q. What happens when the contract at the end-client ends? Will you have another contract for me?

Answer: It is a top priority with the entire TECTIST InfoTech’s organization to retain our Consultants. From the time a Consultant is placed on a contract, the TECTIST InfoTech Account Manager is in contact with the Client Manager and the Consultant to ensure expectations are being met. We have a regular Project Status reporting system in place in which the Consultant can give feedback to the TECTIST InfoTech Account Manager as to the status of the project deliverables and schedule. This process allows TECTIST to identify any problem areas and to work with the Client and/or the Consultant as required. As your contract is ending, we at TECTIST are first to know of your availability date. Typically, we will know of your availability two to three weeks prior to the contract ending date. The TECTIST Account Manager notifies the entire Technical Recruiting teams of your availability and technical skill set. You now become our top priority to market to our Client Firms. Remember, you are obligated to work with TECTIST for one year. Note : All questions and answers, policies and statements made here-in are as per the decisions of the TECTIST management and none of them are permanent in nature and management has the absolute rights to make changes there-in any time during the business year without assigning any notice to our external clients.

9Q. Do you provide any on the job support?

Answer: Absolutely! It is in both of our best interests to keep you at your job. If it requires for instructors to spend some time with the candidate to help him/her out on the job, we will gladly do it. All the instructors of TECTIST are paid on a commission basis and hence we are all motivated to help you out on your job by giving you tips on how to write a Business Requirement Document, a Test Plan, help you understand the architecture of your application, or anything that you need assistance on to hold on to your job. Almost in every single placement we have made, we get a few calls in the first few weeks from the consultant asking for assistance and then the consultant just gets so comfortable in their job that we only hear from them for time-sheets etc.

10Q. How much time takes to find a job?

Answer: This is a tough question to answer. What we can tell you is that we will get you a lot of interview calls. If you are as motivated to find a job as we are to get you a job, we can find you a job in as little as 4 weeks after training and at most in 16 weeks after training.

11Q. Is there a 100% guarantee that I will get a job?

Answer: Like everything else, there is no guarantee in life . But, as the above 2 questions indicate, there is a 100% guarantee that we will market you extensively. But, if you keep failing mid-client or end-client interviews, how can we guarantee you a 100% chance of getting a successful offer? Perhaps, it would just mean that you need more practice with interviews and topics. So, we will keep trying

12Q. Who can I contact for more information?

Answer: This FAQ should answer most of your questions. But, if you still have more questions or want to sign up, please contact one of the following recruiters

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