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Oracle Forms and Reports Online Training Course Content

Introduction to PL/SQL


        Describe the building blocks of PL/SQL and its environment
        Explain the benefits of the basic components of PL/SQL structures
        Explain the benefits of packages over stand-alone procedures and functions
        Create various types of triggers
        Create and use procedures

        PL/SQL Structures
        Stored Procedures
        Overview of Developer/2000

        Navigate the menus and toolbars of the development environment
        Describe the features available for editing and debugging an application
        Explain the features that provide object-orientation, product integration, and OLE2 support

        Introducing Oracle Applications
        The Windows Interface
        The Object Navigators
        Setting Object Properties
        Introducing the Layout Editors
        Working with Objects in the Layout Editor
        Introducing the PL/SQL Editors
        Getting Help
        Object Orientation and OLE2
        Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5

        Develop a Forms application, a menu, and a library
        Use the PL/SQL Editor in Oracle Forms
        Develop tabular and master/detail reports
        Use the Data Model Editor, Parameter Form Editor, and Program Unit Editor in Oracle Reports

        Overview of Oracle Forms
        Introducing Forms Designer
        The Layout Editor
        The PL/SQL and Menu Editors
        Creating Forms Objects and Libraries
        Overview of Oracle Reports
        Introducing Reports Designer
        The Reports Designer Editors
        Displaying Report-Style Formats
        Graphics 2.5 and Procedure Builder 1.5

        Develop a pie chart and a column chart
        Use the Chart Template Editor in Oracle Graphics
        Develop functions, procedures, packages, and database triggers
        Use the Database Trigger Editor in Oracle Procedure Builder

        Overview of Oracle Graphics
        Introducing Graphics Designer
        The Layout Editor
        The Chart Template and Program Unit Editors
        Displaying Chart Types
        Overview of Procedure Builder
        Introducing Procedure Builder
        The Procedure Builder Editors
        Debugging PL/SQL Program Units
        Developer/2000 Applications

        Create Oracle Forms templates containing visual attributes, property classes, a toolbar, and triggers
        Use OLE2 in your application
        Use Visual Basic Custom Controls to enhance your application
        Create Oracle Reports templates containing standard headers, trailers, and margin items
        Create break, drill-down, and integrated application reports using templates and OLE2
        Add buttons and PL/SQL to drill-down into a detail report
        Create a report trigger for auditing

        Developing Oracle Forms Applications
        Developing Oracle Reports Applications
        Developer/2000 Integration
        Create a parameter-driven display
        Pass parameters from Oracle Forms to Oracle Graphics
        Create a format trigger to conditionally modify a chart
        Import an image file
        Create multiple environments for development, testing, demonstration, training, and production
        Recognize GUI styles and standards
        Optimize memory, disk space, and performance
        Insert OLE2 objects into an Oracle database Topics
        Developing Oracle Graphics Applications
        Integration and Deployment in the Windows Environment


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