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SAP GRC Online Training

Training Objectives of GRC :

SAP GRC Module covers Access Risk, Emergency Access Management, Access Request Management, Role of Business Management and Migration from GRC 5.3 to GRC 10.0. This Module also provides a more detailed streamline focusing on Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management and Global Trade Services.

GRC Access Control 10.0 with Implementation Methodology

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Governance, Risk and Compliance10.0
  • Installation of Business Objects enterprise GRC AC 10.0
  • Connection with ERP 6.0
  • Configuration of GRC AC 10.0
  • Activation of BC sets
  • Activating the workflows
  • Time Zone / email Configuration
  • Introduction to Components of Access Control
  • a. Access Risk Management (RAR)
  • b. Access Request Management (CUP)
  • c. Business Role Management (ERM)
  • d. Emergency Access Management (SPM)
  • Access Risk management
  • a. Configuration of Access Risk Management
  • b. Global SOD Matrix – Risk Rules
  • c. SOD Review
  • d. Mitigation Process<
  • e. Remediation Process
  • f. Customization of Access Risk Management
  • g. Monthly Reports
  • h. Weekly Reports
  • i. Review the Risk Analysis Reports
  • j. Business Process Owners / SOX Controllers /SOX Audits
  • Access Request Management
  • a. Define the Workflows for Access Request
  • b. Define the Agents / Process /Rule ID’s
  • c. Standard Configuration / MSMP Workflows
  • d. Customization of Access Request Management
  • e. Business Process / Sub-Process /Functional Area / Roles /Role Owners
  • Business Role Management
  • a. Define the Methodology
  • b. Define the Workflow for Role Maintenance
  • c. Business Process / Sub-Process /Functional Area / Roles /Role Owners
  • d. Customization of Business Role Management
  • Emergency Access Management
  • a. Configuration of Emergency Access Management
  • b. Define the FF ID, FF Owner, FF Controller
  • c. Define the Workflow for Super User Access / Configure Log Reports

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