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SAP SD Online Training

SAP SD Online Training Course Content

SAP SD Basic overview

  • Overview of Business Functional modules in SAP
  • Sales and Distribution Process cycles with WM
  • Roles and responsibilities of SAP consultant
  • Customization in sales & distribution module
  • Enterprise structure with a business case

    Definition and Assignment of Organizational Entities

  • a. Financial Accounting
  • b. Sales & Distribution
  • d. Materials Management
  • e. Logistics Execution
  • Consistency Check for S&D module
  • Master Data

    D Customer Master Data

  • Customer Account Groups and customer no. Ranges
  • Master data for Mktg.
  • Sales-customer groups
  • Shipping-shipping schedules etc.
  • Partner Determination for Customer Master
  • Partner Functions
  • Partner Determination Procedure
  • Partner Function – Account group Assignment
  • Creating a customer master – Centrally and Sales
  • Understanding multiple customer network scenario
  • MM-Material Master
  • Understanding various Material Types
  • Basic Settings for Material Management
  • Material Groups
  • MRP groups, MRP controller and MRP types
  • Inventory Management
  • Material Master with Warehouse Mgmt.
  • Inventory Management

  • Stock Posting for Materials
  • Stock Report
  • Sales Document Management

  • Sales Document Header
  • Sales document types and header level controls in sales document
  • Header data in sales document
  • Order reasons and no. Ranges
  • Sales Document Item
  • Item categories, Item level controls in Sales documents
  • Item data in sales documents
  • Define Item category groups
  • Assigning Item categories
  • Schedule line category for sales document s
  • Schedule categories and assignment
  • Business Process for Sales & Distribution
  • Inquiry, Quotation and Sales Order Processing
  • Copy controls for Sales Documents

  • Header Level
  • Item Level
  • Schedule Line level
  • Shipping process in S&D

  • Basic Shipping Functions
  • Shipping point Determination process
  • Delivery and Transportation Scheduling
  • Delivery Document
  • Maintain Delivery Types, header level controls in Delivery documents
  • Maintain Delivery Item, Item level controls in Delivery documents
  • Copy controls in Delivery Documents
  • Initial Goods Receipt through Warehouse management

  • Maintain Storage bins
  • WM process of Stock Receipt
  • Stock Report at Storage Bin Level
  • Picking Process in Delivery Level

  • Picking with Warehouse Management
  • Post Goods Issue process in Delivery level

  • Maintains FI/MM settings for Post Goods Issue
  • Analysis on the effects of Post Goods Issue
  • Billing Process in S&D

  • Maintaining Billing Types and it controls
  • Revenue Account Determination (SD&FI integration)
  • Master data for Account Assignment
  • Revenue account determination procedure
  • Account keys and pricing procedure assignment
  • Assigning G/L accounts
  • Cross Selling Determination Process

  • Maintain Field Catalog
  • Maintain Access Sequences
  • Define Condition Types
  • Maintain Procedure
  • Create condition tables
  • Define customer procedure for cross selling
  • Define document procedure for cross selling
  • Pricing Concepts in Sales

  • Pricing controls in Sales
  • Concept of Condition Technique
  • Process of Condition Tables, access sequences and condition types
  • Process of Pricing Procedure Determination
  • Maintaining Condition records for price, Discounts etc.
  • Condition Exclusion
  • Pricing for Free Goods
  • Exclusive Free Goods
  • Inclusive Free Goods
  • Pricing analysis in Sales Documents
  • Availability Check & Transfer of Requirements

  • Transfer of Requirements
  • Requirement classes
  • Requirement types & Determination of Requirement types
  • Availability Check with ATP
  • Checking groups and Material Block
  • Setting up Checking Rule for Availability
  • Procedure for Schedule line Category
  • Procedure for Schedule line Category

  • Cash sales process
  • Rush Order Process
  • Handling complaints in Sales
  • Credit memo
  • Debit memo
  • Free of Charge Deliveries
  • Credit Management process

  • Types of Credit Controls
  • Maintain Risk Categories
  • Credit Representative Groups
  • Simple credit check
  • Automatic credit check
  • Maintain credit master data for Customers
  • Release of credit block documents
  • Material Listing and Exclusion using condition technique

  • Process of Customer Material Info Record
  • Process of Material Determination
  • Consignment Stock Processing

  • Consignment Fill up
  • Consignment Issue
  • Consignment Pickup
  • Consignment Returns
  • Output Determination Process

  • Condition Technique in Output Determination
  • Output in Sales, Delivery and Billing documents
  • Schedule Line level
  • Incomplete Procedures for Sales

  • Incompletion procedure for sales Header, item and schedule line
  • Assigning Incompletion Procedure
  • Bill Of Material process

    Scheduling Agreements and Contracts Process

    Bill Of Material process

  • Maintaining Stages of Routes
  • Transportation connection points
  • Set up Route Determination

  • Experiences from Implementations (Case Studies/Project)


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